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School's Out (for the Children)

It’s a fascinating thing to experience a child as a student and not as a person you have to raise. 

As a mom, I fall into the routine of treating my own children in one of three ways:

(1) like they are the most brilliant humans on the planet

(2) like Smeagol treats his precious (as in, "we forgot the taste of bread... the softness of the wind. We even forgot our own name. My Preciousssses"

(3) like they’re trying to kill me

Being a child’s teacher, though, is different. It opens you up to a rich world where children are actual humans to be experienced in a multitude of contexts. Teachers see children for all the things they can be outside of belonging to an adult. There are the parts of them that their parents and their families have fashioned. There are idiosyncrasies they pick up from their favorite shows and games. Best of all, there are the parts of them that are just them.

You know that, right?

That there are parts of your child that you or society have nothing to do with?

That manifested from deep within them in a manner that they and only they chose to express?

I get to see that every single day. What we as adults have given them is beautiful, but what they do with that and produce on their own is truly magnificent. It was a good school year, and I hope the children have a blast this summer. As for myself, I'll be in Connecticut in a week playing student instead of teacher.  


Glue gun + Mardi Gras beads + Cardboard = South America.You want to teach them about polygons. They want to practice "concentric."

These children are some of the coolest people I know.



Ice Day in #Memphis

When I grew up, we had "hurricane" days. 

My chidren get snow days. Except it wasn't a real snow day. Not like people in Minnesota are getting. Or D.C. Basically, it rained all night last night and then it sleeted and we're stuck at home. 

We live in a condo in downtown Memphis, so while other children who got snow days went out and built snowmen, we, with no actual yard, looked out the window.

A lot. 

Does that look like a lot of snow to you? That doesn't look like a lot of snow to me because it isn't a lot of snow. All that down there is ice with a delicately placed dressing of snow on top. So, technically, it was an "ice" day. Despite our fascination with ice falling from the sky, there's only so much three humans can stare out of a window.

So we cleaned.

Nuha's job was sweeping. As with everything Nuha does, there was flair involved.

Cleaning and lunch kept us occupied until exactly 12:53 P.M. at which point I may or may not have said, "Find something to do, I'm not your cruise director." My children having never been on a cruise looked at me like I'm crazy.

I have a friend who has a box of stuff devoted exclusively for use on days like this. A rainy day box. That's brilliant.

I have no such box. What I did have today was a science type kit that we bought at the St. Louis City Museum that I haven't let the children play with because it looks really, really messy and ... I don't think I need to elaborate.

And the excavations began.

A few hours ago, I received the notification that school is cancelled tomorrow, too. The children are still up. The husband is out of town. 

We've also run out of crystals.