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This is Totally Normal

I realize it's been a while since around November 8th when John Oliver crafted the #ThisIsNotNormal thing, but I continue to have thoughts and feelings about it.

You guys, this racist bullshit that you are experiencing that's masquerading as the executive and legislative branches of the government?

IS TOTALLY NORMAL FOR AMERICA. I'm over here rolling my eyes at people who are sharing these posts of people being detained at airports and hashtagging it with #thisIsNotNormal.


This is not normal FOR YOU, BRO.

Two months after 9/11, my dad was taking a flight to North Carolina. He was pulled aside, detained and questioned. This was a domestic flight from Florida to North Carolina. My father, at the time, was 67 years old, had lived in the U.S. for thirty two years and had been an American citizen for nearly fifteen years of those years. Since then, between my parents, in laws and extended family, this family has had over half a dozen encounters like this. 


This is totally normal for US. 

So, why? Why bring this up in the first place? 

Well, look, there's two major kinds of racist/xenophobic/discriminatory paradigm:

1. Superiority Based Racism/Xenophobic/Discriminatory Paradigm: This says, "America is amazing and wonderful, white people made America, foreigners are terrible, gays are deviants, the only black people that get shot by the police are criminals, blow all of those sand people up and we'll be safe, etc."

And, then, there's:

2. Cluelessness Based Racism/Xenophobic/Discriminatory Paradigm: This says that the current climate of racism, xenophobia and discrimination is some sort of aberrant occurrence and totally ignores the pesky yet relevant fact that this triumverate of bullshit (racism, xenophobia, discriminiation) is somehow NOT woven into the tapestry of the American story.


You know.

I like John Oliver.

But let's not forget John Oliver is the great grandson of an Imperialist Britain which used racism, xenophobia and discrimination to dominate over half of the world's population in throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.

And then let's not forget that all those people who are using #thisIsNotNormal are the great great great grandchildren of people who appropriated North America from native peoples with their slaves in tow captured from Africa all of which was justified by racism, xenophobia and discrimination.

Barack Obama, our great hope, our American dream... was not normal.

This guy? P45? Is totally normal.

And he will never NOT be normal if you don't own him as a product of who we have chosen to be as a people for two hundred years.




Seriously, #Obama Campaign? Grow Up.

Important to note: I plan on voting for President Obama.

But, oh my GOD, you have to see what I got in my Inbox from his campaign people.

The insanity of it is just.too.MUCH for me to keep to myself.

In case you don't have your reading glasses, this e-mail asks supporters to donate a couple of bucks to the campaign in the name of their favorite conservative and then post it on their Facebook wall.

"It'll be fun!" the e-mail says at the end.

Clearly, the president's social media campaign is being run by Malia's best friend.  Malia herself seems far too mature for this sort of thing.

I wrote back.  I totally did!

It went like this:

"Um. No, no it will not be fun.  It'll incite people and be rude.  Your communications department really needs to revisit its social media strategy.



Interestingly, many folks insist that the President has been far too diplomatic with his opposition per the taste of his supporters, so it's funny that his campaign is asking them to do something he has, for the most part, refused to do.

I really, really want the President to win the next election and I think he should.

I don't agree with the sentiments that paint the position of the presidency with a paintbrush dipped in hagiography. A tale of a superhero with disproportional super duper powers that can simultaneously undo eight years of a costly war, rescind a foreign policy based on fifty years of acting like the entitled captain of the football team, correct the effects of an unethical financial system and curtail the obstinate behavior of a Congress full of toddlers without just declaring himself grand emperor in charge of everything except the kitchen sink.

For the record, he can be in charge of my kitchen sink.  Totally cool with that.


I like the guy and I think he's doing an okay job.

But this e-mail is stupid and childish.