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Election Day is Coming. And I Decide to Brainwash My Child.

As the presidential race comes to a close, I'm proud to say that both of the children have grown in their awareness not only of the election, but some of the issues, as well. At my Babble Voices Blog, Native Born and Raised, I explain how I tried to teach N. the difference between Republicans and Democrats and how that was a colossal failure.

We value ideas because they are, wait for it, valuable to us. Many times, we choose one set of values over another because we believe that what we have chosen is superior to the alternative. Not all the time is about superiority, but most of the time is. So, when I explain politics to my child, no matter what I say  or what my intention is, I color that presentation with the passion of what I believe to be both just and true.

You can read the whole post here.

Also, many thanks to Nijamatics for the DOPEST MASTHEAD EVER.


Seriously, #Obama Campaign? Grow Up.

Important to note: I plan on voting for President Obama.

But, oh my GOD, you have to see what I got in my Inbox from his campaign people.

The insanity of it is just.too.MUCH for me to keep to myself.

In case you don't have your reading glasses, this e-mail asks supporters to donate a couple of bucks to the campaign in the name of their favorite conservative and then post it on their Facebook wall.

"It'll be fun!" the e-mail says at the end.

Clearly, the president's social media campaign is being run by Malia's best friend.  Malia herself seems far too mature for this sort of thing.

I wrote back.  I totally did!

It went like this:

"Um. No, no it will not be fun.  It'll incite people and be rude.  Your communications department really needs to revisit its social media strategy.



Interestingly, many folks insist that the President has been far too diplomatic with his opposition per the taste of his supporters, so it's funny that his campaign is asking them to do something he has, for the most part, refused to do.

I really, really want the President to win the next election and I think he should.

I don't agree with the sentiments that paint the position of the presidency with a paintbrush dipped in hagiography. A tale of a superhero with disproportional super duper powers that can simultaneously undo eight years of a costly war, rescind a foreign policy based on fifty years of acting like the entitled captain of the football team, correct the effects of an unethical financial system and curtail the obstinate behavior of a Congress full of toddlers without just declaring himself grand emperor in charge of everything except the kitchen sink.

For the record, he can be in charge of my kitchen sink.  Totally cool with that.


I like the guy and I think he's doing an okay job.

But this e-mail is stupid and childish.