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That Time I Almost Became J.K. Rowling

Memphis was a seven hour drive from this year’s NonCon.

Unless you’re traveling with a potty trained three year-old. Then, it’s like 17 hours.

Whenever  my husband tries to convince me to buy a portable DVD player, I say, “We didn’t have DVD players on road trips and we turned out just fine.”

If this logic had been applied to things like the smallpox vaccine that would have been unfortunate for all of us. But the point here is that children should exercise their creativity when it comes to entertainment. My husband likes to prove how this idea is ridiculous by instigating made-up “road trip” games.

“Okay, let’s play the story road trip game.”

“Once upon a time,” my daughter says.

“There was a small house.” My husband adds.

The three year-old says, “In a field with a fence and a yard!”

And so forth.

It ends up there’s a small girl living with a monkey in a yellow house with a fence and a yard and she finds a treasure map. At first, I put aside my need for a well developed plot line and ignore the philosophical implications of a community that would be fine with the monkey and unsupervised child scenario, but eventually I get pushed too far.

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In Case You Didn't Notice...

I'm taking a little time off from this blog.  Another week?  A month?

I have no idea.  I've always been irritated with all those "Sorry, I'm not posting, I'm awful, I really wish I had more time..."  I mean, it's your blog, right?  Post when you want.


It's not defunct.

I'm not abandoning it.

I'm just... um, regrouping.

I have a plan.  It might include world domination.

SERIOUSLY?  Of course it does.

In case you're craving a little Faiqa writing, which, again, SERIOUSLY?  Of course you are... head over here and marvel at the kind of personality that can intertwine socialist agendas, gleaming furniture and tirades against The Man all into one post.

If that's not convincing enough, there is a photo of Che Guevera in the post.

That completely sealed the deal, didn't it?  I know you so well.

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Move Over Evil White Men, Now There's Something Browner 

I finally watched The Social Network last week and decided the whole thing needs a rewrite.

You can read about that here.